The past few months have been challenging, and with the potential threat of a second wave of the coronavirus looming, there is good reason to remain cautious. But as the industry moves forward, those that I’ve spoken to—myself included—are doing so with optimism, excitement and preparedness. 

Yes, there’s still the potential for coronavirus-related things to happen, but I think we’re better prepared today than we were a couple months ago. So going into this in the future, I think we are going to be more prepared in the event of a second go-around. And I think we’ll be able to have a little bit more control over it because we have an understanding of it now.

As we get back to business, our industry is fortunate to have a lot of opportunity right now for the flooring trades. Now is the time to consider diversifying your business and expanding your horizons, which is something my business is certainly doing as we get back to work.

We’re doing some outdoor decks with a product called DuraDeck. For any of you resilient guys out there — guys or gals I should say — if you’re doing any resilient commercial flooring and you heat weld, DuraDeck is probably a product you would want to look into because it’s a waterproofing membrane that we’re putting on decks. We’ve been doing quite a few of those projects lately.

This is just one example. What are some ways you might be able to broaden your scope and expand your horizons as you get your business back up and running? I’d love to hear your ideas.