Diversification: noun

  • the action of diversifying something or the fact of becoming more diverse. “growers should start planning diversification of crops”
  • the process of a business enlarging or varying its range of products or field of operation. “the company is benefiting from geographical diversification”

The back aches, the sore muscles and feeling worn out. Who would have thought that the return of these feelings would feel so good? Those who have not been able to work due to the pandemic and are now slowly starting back up are excited and anxious to be able to make a living again. To feel that your body is telling you that you are working again is a good thing (along with the Ibuprofen).

With the post-pandemic new normal, does your company need to diversify to keep a competitive edge? If your company is able to maintain a good business with its current business model, that’s great. But if your company is one of those wanting to make changes to see where you can improve visibility, let’s discuss what you can offer.

One job description that seems to have changed in the flooring industry is floor prep. Years ago, installers were only doing a minimal amount of floor preparation. A small bag of floor patch was all that was needed for most installations. Nowadays, that has completely changed. The industry went from using a small bag of floor patch to now using bags of self-leveling products on both residential and commercial installations. Along with the self-leveling products, installers are now investing more and more into floor grinders, from the smaller 7’ grinders to large 220 volt machines, and with these comes the need for better dust containment equipment also. If you’re seeing your business doing more floor prep, and you have the right equipment, are you advertising this added service along with your installation and creating another income source, or are you just incorporating it without diversifying it into your marketing program?

This is just an example of what you can do to make your company different. From grinders, to removal tools—which used to be a small scraper and a lot of muscle—to ride on take up machines, and whatever other products and services you can advertise to highlight your company on your website, social media, or any other means, go for it, and get “back in the game” with work and making a profit.