For decades, installers, designers and builders have been confronted with a unique challenge. They must select adhesive/fastening products that withstand time, wear and environmental elements, understanding that quality and performance are essential in getting the job accomplished. Typically, the more demanding the application, such as commercial buildings, the more intensive the installation materials need to be. These types of applications require adhesives with better working properties, and better performance and characteristics overall, compared to a smaller scale single-family residential applications. 

Laticrete makes choosing a product easier for specifiers and installers by naming products according to performance level. Laticrete 254 Platinum, for example, is a multipurpose thin set mortar that is often considered the best high-performance adhesive mortar in the tile and flooring industry. 254 Platinum is recognized for its high shear bond strength and its ability to meet the most demanding exterior and submerged applications. The adhesive mortar product line also includes 253 Gold, which is a multipurpose thin set mortar categorized as a better adhesive mortar level. For a good performance level (lower than best and better), 252 Silver multipurpose thin set mortar is also available. In addition, Laticrete offers a variety of adhesives for Large and Heavy Tile (LHT) applications, which are rated on a similar scale.

New developments of adhesives and installation products are now commonly made from recyclable, sustainable materials and/or emit low VOCs. These new products are also designed to meet or exceed many regulatory requirements and are equipped with supporting Health Product Declarations (HPDs), Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and UL Greenguard Certifications, which help manufacturers create—and help buyers identify—tile and flooring installation materials’ impact on the environment. In addition, green products are expected to continue to advance in regard to improving speed, efficiency, cost-savings and quality.

Overall, the quality of an adhesive critically contributes to the long-term performance of the entire construction project. Additionally, it can reduce carrying costs on the construction site for the developer. To ensure top performance, high-quality adhesives must undergo a variety of performance tests before they can be accredited with a classification, including the ability to perform well in demanding applications such as continuous water immersion.

Industry-First Modular Tile and Stone Installation Adhesive System

Flexibility and efficiency are within reach for installers because earlier this year Laticrete introduced Laticrete Select-Bond. An industry-first, versatile tile and stone adhesive system, Select-Bond includes optional kits for specialized enhancements. Useful for both thin bed and large heavy tile applications, the polymer-modified adhesive system offers versatility as distributors and contractors no longer need multiple adhesives for their various project types.

As part of the Select-Bond system, the specialized kits allow contractors access to the adhesive they need onsite for any installation or level of performance. Select-Bond can be used alone or with one of three optional, pre-measured adhesive system kits. Users can add a Non-Sag, Rapid Curing or High Performance (to meet ANSI A118.15 requirements) adhesive system kit. In addition, as a result of using this product, users will see their inventory value reduce by 50%, an increase of inventory turns by 100% and a reduction in adhesive pallet space by 65%.

These adhesive system kits are premeasured and come in a water-soluble packet so additional measuring and calculations are not necessary to provide consistent performance. When used alone (without one of the additional adhesive system kits), Select-Bond provides a one-step installation for ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble and stone on floors and walls, and is approved for use over exterior glue plywood for interior installations. The product meets both ANSI A118.4 and A118.11.

Efficiency for Various Application Needs

New technological advancements in installation materials continue to trend toward serving more than one function by increasingly fulfilling a variety of aspects needed in green and sustainable buildings. For example, Laticrete 125 Tri Max is a three-in-one adhesive, sound control and crack isolation product. 125 Tri Max eliminates the need for sound and anti-fracture mats and because of its versatility and lightweight nature, saves construction professionals money on storage, freight and logistics. In addition to its high-performance and anti-fracture benefits, 125 Tri Max contains 36%post-consumer recycled materials to contribute to LEED points and is Greenguard certified for sustainable building.

To prepare for the job, installers and contractors should make sure they are using the most current products that are up to date and meet all requirements. Whatever the type of installation, using a trusted brand with a broad product portfolio such as Laticrete provides installers, and the end-user, with the results they expect from adhesives and fastening products. For over 60 years, Laticrete has been committed to research and development of innovative installation products, building a reputation or superior quality, performance and customer service.