Naming a product is challenging, especially when the product is really good at what it does. These are some names Schönox considered for Schönox Protect:

Flexible – Use it with sheet vinyl, VCT, LVT, sheet synthetic rubber coverings, sheet linoleum, rubber and cork granulated underlayments, and if that is not enough, add artificial turf.

Unyielding – Moisture resistant.  Yes, a floor adhesive that is moisture resistant to 95 RH.

Super Safe – With qualities such as low VOCs, solvent-free, and low odor, installers appreciate using it day after day.

Powerful – Who wouldn’t want to use a product that is non-shrinking even in thicker layers, temperature resistant after curing, and heavy duty with high strength ratings.

Convenient – Long open times paired with easy application and the ability for indoor and outdoor use make it an industry standard for pros.

Schönox says they could have named Schönox Protect any of those names, but Protect made the most sense. It can do all of those things they mentioned, while it also protects your project, your health, and your reputation. That’s one Loyal adhesive, but that would be yet another name. Schönox Protect, also known as an industry leading universal resilient flooring adhesive.

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