The Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association Board of Directors has named Mike Roberts, formerly managing partner at Bonitz Flooring Group, as an Honorary Lifetime Member. FCICA’s Honorary Membership recognizes distinguished service to the FCICA by members or associated persons.

Catherine Church, FCICA executive director, shared the news. “On behalf of the FCICA Board of Directors, it is my privilege to bestow Mike Roberts with an Honorary Lifetime Membership in the Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association. FCICA is truly fortunate for Mike's integral contribution to the organization and the flooring industry.”

In response, Mike spoke about his professional life, “the job has never really seemed like work. It has been a fun adventure.” He expressed his gratitude and shared the story of his long-standing commitment to and career in the flooring industry and how he became involved in FCICA.

Mike’s history in the flooring industry spans almost 40 years and began when he and partner, Doug Baily, founded Baily and Roberts Flooring in 1983. From the start, their company was successful, realizing rapid, double digit growth during its first decade and expanding to three commercial and two residential locations employing 90 staff. The company serviced the booming new home construction industry and the commercial flooring market.

Baily and Roberts Flooring’s success proved to be attractive. Courted by several large national companies, the partners sold the commercial segment of the company in 1996 to Flooring America/Carpet Max and continued to operate as Baily and Roberts Carpet Max. Four years later Bonitz Flooring Group purchased Flooring America/Carpet Max – and Mike’s career with Bonitz began, first as the Profit Center Leader, then Vice President and finally as Managing Partner. After a 20-year career at Bonitz, Mike retired on July 31 of this year.

Mike became involved with FCICA in 2007, as Bonitz was a long-time member. “I quickly learned what a great organization FCICA is and what a great resource it is to the commercial flooring segment. FCICA is populated with some of the industry’s brightest, smartest and most knowledgeable people sharing information about technical, educational and leadership issues, and everything needed to run a commercial business.”

Mike’s commitment to FCICA shows in the numerous committees he served on and organizational leadership roles he filled, including Industry Relations Committee Chair, Membership Committee, Secretary and Treasurer. Mike remains on the Board today currently serving as the Associations’ Vice Chair alongside Pat Kelly, Board Chair. “We currently have a wonderful and strong group on the Board of Directors and on the Executive Board of Directors. The future of FCICA is in good hands and the Association is going to see its best years ever in the next decade thanks to Pat Kelly and all the others currently serving.”

Upon receiving the designation of FCICA Honorary Member, Mike shared his thoughts. “It is an absolute honor to have been nominated and approved as an Honorary Lifetime Member of FCICA. The list of Honorary Members is a pretty short list, and I do not take for granted the position that I now will proudly hold.”

Mike will be celebrated for his contributions to FCICA and the flooring industry and formally presented with the designation of Honorary Lifetime Member at the 2021 Annual Convention in Austin, Texas.

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