Without a doubt, one of my favorite places to see new tools and technologies is on the show floor at some of our industry’s most anticipated annual events. Several times throughout the year, I enjoy putting on my comfortable walking shoes and spending hours on the often massive show floors; connecting with industry peers, making new friends and of course, seeing the latest and greatest technologies demoed in person. But as we all know, things are much different this year. 

Understandably, industry shows this year—and for the foreseeable future—are being cancelled, postponed, or made digital, to keep would-be attendees safe. Though the coronavirus has presented several road blocks in each of our personal and professional lives, the innovation in the flooring installation industry hasn’t stopped. Manufacturers continue to roll out products that are sure to make our jobs and the work we do easier, better, more efficient and safer. Many have taken to social media and email to get their products in front of us since they can’t do that in person right now.

My team and I are constantly purchasing tools, and we are always on the hunt for what’s new and improved. In this issue of FCI, I’m happy to share a few of our favorite products with you—some “old” (tried and true) and some newcomers to the market. We might not be able to connect in person on the show floor this year, but I look forward to continuing to connect with you all digitally. Are there any new tools on the market that have caught your eye in the last few months? Drop me a line and let me know!