Editorial director and industry veteran Jon Namba walks us through five of the latest and greatest tools to help make your job more efficient.

1. Cordless tools. Although we have several brands, the one I have the most of for bigger tools is the DeWalt Flexvolt system. We run a table saw, miter saw, and other tools that give us power on the go without having to rely on electricity and cords strung all over.

2. Bullet Tools by Marshalltown-magnum shear cutters. We use these for hardwood, laminate and LVP. No noise and sawdust to deal with, so an ideal tool that can be used in a home or occupied area where noise and dust can be a factor. 

3. 7” grinders. We use Makita and Metabo brands and use the concrete diamond grinder head for both concrete and wood subfloors. With the dust containment shrouds it minimizes dust and they’ve been great to maximize our production to grind down high spots on concrete and for wood subfloors that are usually oriented strand board (OSB). The grinders work great on the wood subfloor panel joints where there is joint swelling and if there is a fastener protruding, it does not damage the diamond grinder wheels.

4. Festool for detail work and cutting borders. We use the company’s track saw system for straight cuts, and their routers give us precise cuts. We also use the Planex drywall sander with dust containment shroud for sanding down mud joints on walls and ceilings which greatly minimizes dust using their vacuum system.

5. Lasers. We utilize several different types of lasers for our projects. The most used are the Bosch cross line self-level lasers that are quick and easy to set up for our crews. They have the horizontal/vertical, and plumb lines, so they can be used for different applications.