We’ve rounded up the latest in installer-friendly electric radiant underfloor heating systems and technologies.

Schluter Systems

Schluter Systems has created an installation detail on installing its Ditra-Heat warming system on a shower floor. End users desired this feature in their shower area, in addition to mud rooms and bathroom floors, so with waterproofing concerns in mind, Schluter created a detail for proper installation in showers. By using a dedicated heating cable inside the shower area and completing required waterproofing steps using the Kerdi waterproofing system over the floor warming system, the shower floor can be warmed, just like any other tiled floor.


The Mysa WiFi Programmable Thermostat for radiant heating from WarmlyYours is a WiFi-enabled thermostat that offers many benefits, including the ability to control your heating system remotely with your smart-device. The thermostat is compatible with nearly every home automation system including Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, IFTTT and SmartThings.


Mapei has entered the radiant floor-heating market, partnering with nVent Nuheat to bring Mapeheat with “Technology from nVent Nuheat” floor-heating products to the North American flooring market. Mapeheat Mat is a pre-wired, radiant floor-heating fabric designed for easy installation. Embedded in the fabric, the heating wires are evenly spaced, guaranteeing even heat distribution with no cold spots. Mapeheat Mat is available in more than 70 standard sizes and can also be custom-sized to accommodate curves, angles and obstructions.


Warmup’s 4iE Portrait series has been designed identically to its original Horizontal 4iE with one key difference: orientation. By popular demand, Warmup has delivered a vertical version of the 4iE so that every job can connect to the smartest line voltage thermostat on the market. Warmup’s 4iE thermostat allows for the most efficient and convenient use of underfloor heating systems. Using the MyHeating app and a WiFi enabled device you can choose to alter your thermostat settings manually from any location or you can enable SmartGeo so that your system activates automatically based off of your proximity to home.