What a year it has been! As an industry, we started 2020 optimistic about what the year would bring: growth, product innovation, industry connection, progress toward solving the installation crisis, and much, much more. Sure, we’ve been able to do many of those things, but little did we know that we’d spend most of the year doing them virtually.  

The coronavirus has presented our industry with several never-before-seen challenges and roadblocks, but we’ve done what we can to quickly regroup, readjust and reconfigure in order to move our industry forward as best we can.  

On a personal note, many of us have unfortunately faced illness, financial hardship, loss, unemployment and isolation this year. Simply put, 2020 has truly been challenging, to say the least. But as we prepare for our November/December issue—our last issue of the year—we want to use our platform to celebrate the good things 2020 brought our readers; the bright spots, the blessings, the triumphs, the victories and the silver lining. 

Did you or a loved one overcome illness? Did your business survive the pandemic? Did you enter retirement? Did your family grow? Did you finally get the hang of working full-time while home schooling? Did you take advantage of virtual learning opportunities that are sure to make you a more qualified and skilled flooring installer? Did you pick up a fun new hobby? Did you achieve a fitness goal? 

Whatever wins you celebrated in 2020, be them big or small, business or personal, we want to join you in celebrating them. Shoot an email of your 2020 wins to simpsond@bnpmedia.com by Thursday, Oct. 15, and help us end the year on a high note!