Laticrete NXT Level DL

Laticrete’s NXT Level DL (Decorative Leveler) is a cement-based leveler designed to function as either a high-performance underlayment or a monolithic interior wear surface topping. NXT Level DL is fast drying and can be accented with a wide variety of coloring systems and finishes to meet specific design needs.

Custom LevelQuik RS

Custom Building Products’ LevelQuik RS is a rapid-setting, self-leveling underlayment that has a more robust formula for better performance, easy handling and a smoother finish.

Schönox ZM Rapid

Schönox ZM Rapid self-leveling compound is designed for leveling of floors under time pressure in interior areas. Many types of floor coverings can be installed after 1.5 to 2 hours. Can be installed up to 1.

DriTac Primer 3000

DriTac Primer 3000 is an eco-conscious, single-component acrylic floor primer with a quick-dry, bond-strengthening technology that enhances bond with approved substrates, self-leveling and gypsum-based underlayment and patches, prior to adhesive application for wood, resilient and carpet tile.

Bostik SL-Rapid

Bostik’s SL-Rapid is a rapid-setting, cement-based, self-leveling underlayment that creates a smooth, flat and level surface prior to the installation of floor coverings. Its fast-setting, low shrinkage and superior leveling properties make it the ideal product for time-sensitive and demanding applications on, above, or below grade.

Mapei Planiseal MSP

Mapei’s Planiseal MSP is a two-coat, high-solids, polymer-based adhesive isolator, sealer, moisture-control membrane and self-leveling primer. Planiseal MSP eliminates the need for a secondary primer for self-leveling underlayment applications. It comes in a water-based formulation for ease of use, cleanup and storage.