Coatings for Industry, Inc. (CFI) has introduced its new MTF-8 Resinous Floor Coating System that delivers a unique combination of designer colors and quick return-to-service. This system has proven especially well-suited for high-visibility, retail, restaurant, and other commercial floors with busy foot and light-wheeled traffic.

The new system was initially developed for a Fortune 500 retail chain to meet their needs for durability, ultra-modern looks, and fast return-to-service. “They wanted a floor that looked good and reflected their brand,” said Lou Frank, director of business development of CFI. “But they also needed it to be ready for use as quickly as possible, typically with a 2-night turnaround. And it had to stand up to constant foot and light-wheeled traffic.”

Along with quick return-to-service, the design magic of the MTF-8 System comes from the use of micro-tech flake used to define 100% of the floor’s color. A full spectrum of background colors can be combined with accent flake colors offering owners and their architects virtually limitless combinations of hue and accent colors.

From prep time to completion, the MTF-8 can be ready for use in as little as 48 hours, including 12 hours of use during that time, if needed. That takes precious time out of the construction or renovation schedules for facilities that depend on either remaining open during the daytime or opening quickly after construction. CFI’s MTF-8 system is ideal for grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants and other retail applications, as well as schools and institutional buildings.

The MTF-8 system consists of three components:

  • Primer – Selected according to environmental needs and condition of the concrete.
  • WearCOAT-481HP – A light-stabilized, 100 percent solids epoxy clear mid-coat with micro-tech flakes broadcast per the designer’s specifications.
  • WearCOAT-2332 – A high-gloss, extremely low-VOC (<5 g/l) urethane topcoat that locks in the broadcast flakes and provides a durable, stain-resistant finish.

The new MTF-8 System is specially formulated as a low-odor, fast-cure system designed to be applied in indoor environments. It resists marks and especially staining from common spills like mustard, red wine, even nail polish remover.

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