Airsled, Inc., which developed and introduced load movement solutions based on low-pressure, air film technology, is making another critical leap forward with its “air dolly” systems. Since their introduction in 1982, all Airsled systems were controlled by a toggle ON/OFF switch. As appliances started getting installed in tighter cavities with limited overhead clearance, the lifting action of Airsled systems had the potential to wedge these appliances in place. The potential risk of damage to overhead cabinets and countertops also increased. Airsled is solving this problem by introducing a Variable Speed option for all its systems.

Unlike a toggle ON/OFF switch which activates an Airsled system immediately leading to an appliance being lifted up to 2” off the ground, systems with the Variable Speed option are controlled by a dial that the end-user turns to regulate air flow into the air beams. This allows the end-user to control both the speed and height of air beam inflation making Airsled systems even safer and easier to use in situations with tight overhead clearance. The best way to illustrate this superior performance, which no other Airsled competitor offers, is to view this short video on Airsled’s YouTube channel.

“Airsled’s mission remains being the global leader in this solution space,” said Stan Kanevsky, Airsled president & CEO. “We listened to our customers and used that feedback to drive our R&D this year which led to the development and introduction of a new spacer kit for appliances on legs, a new, compact Light Duty Appliance Mover model rated to lift 450 lbs. and now most significantly, the introduction of Variable Speed performance which addresses a potential challenge our customers face when using Airsled systems.”

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