2021 is just weeks away, and those in the flooring installation industry are eager to roll up their sleeves, put on their masks and get to work in what many believe will be a strong year for business, education and the industry.

“What I see for the future is that I’m sure [the pandemic] will have its effect on us, with the mask wearing and so forth, but I also believe that we’ll get through it and we will continue to do what we like to do as installers.”

Len Nygren, H.J. Martin and Son.

“I think once we all get used to this [new normal], I think it will be business full steam ahead again. So next year will be a better year.”

Gina Nassief, Virginia Commercial Floors.

“The outlook in construction and the outlook in flooring in general is very optimistic for next year. So we are optimistic. That’s the best we can do.”

Paul Pleshek, National Association of Floor Covering Technicians.

“We are grateful for our customers who continuously entrust us with their business. During this unprecedented time, Laticrete has intensified its product development and digital tools to improve our customer experience, as we commit to serve them for their needs. Standing united during this crisis, I know we will rebound together. In my new role, my ambition is to leverage our expansive portfolio of innovative solutions and our sales coverage, as well as further diversify our channels in the context of softer commercial markets, so that Laticrete continues to deliver value to our customers by making their jobs easier, faster and safer through the unparalleled performance of the building solutions they have come to trust.”

Patrick Millot, Laticrete.

“In chatting with my colleagues, this year seems to have been even or better than 2019 and I think will finish strong as well. I think that the backlog accumulated by the shut-downs along with the standard back log of projects kept a lot of us pretty busy this year for the most part. Moving into 2021 may be a different story. We have, like other companies, explored other avenues and sectors to make sure that we capitalize on any opportunity that we may have not dealt with in the past. We have even hired three employees in the past couple of months and have made other implementations. The pandemic has made many companies re-invent themselves and expand into other related services in order to be in better position and have a bigger arsenal come 2021. We all know there is a lot of uncertainty lingering out there, therefore we need to pound the pavement and knock on doors and aggressively seek opportunities.”

Umberto Aponte, Architectural Flooring Resource, Inc.

“Given the flexibility that everyone has had to embrace by offering different ways to learn, I think that people are eager to keep up and keep training as long as it can fit into their schedule and it can be provided. People still want to be trained. People still want to learn and bringing them all of these resources can only help.”

Sara Fike, National Association of Floor Covering Technicians.

“We feel good about the future. These are uncertain times, but we have great partners in manufacturing and great customers. As long as we continue to carry quality products, maintain healthy inventory levels and make good credit decisions, we will continue to provide stability to our customers in uncertain times.”

Glenn Whitfield, All Floor Supplies.