A shortage of qualified installers is an ongoing challenge that continues to plague the flooring industry. In an effort to address and alleviate this and other issues impacted by a lack of skilled labor, the newly formed National Association of Floor Covering Technicians (NAFCT) has entered the industry with a goal to improve the flooring industry through training. 

“New, enhanced and ongoing training services are needed to elevate the skilled trade status of flooring installers,” said Paul Pleshek, executive director and co-founder of the association. Flooring installation is typically one of the most expensive components of the construction project and not always respected as such. “Experience, knowledge, certification, craftsmanship should mean more in our industry than it currently does, we [NAFCT] want to work to change this.” 

With future-focused training, NAFCT will be working with industry experts, manufacturers, and other flooring associations to provide advanced and affordable hands-on training, locally to the installer.  

“It only takes one failure for an installer to go out of business,” said Sonny Callaham, co-founder and chairman of NAFCT. “Training participation and learning one thing could be the difference in one’s success.  We want to be here for you and be your go-to association for training, whether it is installation, inspection, maintenance or sales.” 

Callaham and Pleshek have extensive knowledge and experience within the flooring industry, both having served on the boards of industry associations including NWFA, FCICA, NICFI, CFI and IICRC.

Prior to the launch of the association’s specific training segments, which is set to take place in January 2021, FCI caught up with the pioneering duo of NAFCT to learn more about the organization, what it hopes to accomplish and how.