With distribution operations ranging from New England through the New York, Tri-State Region to Delaware, Michael Halebian & Co. has expanded its partnership with Schönox to equip its full customer base with the latest in subfloor innovations. 

“In 2021, Michael Halebian & Co. will reach its 90th year of operation due in no small part to the company’s steadfast commitment to introducing customers to what’s new and important in the flooring industry,” explained Joe Choflet, vice president – general manager, Michael Halebian & Co. “Our decision to partner with Schönox and now expand the relationship was based on the outstanding benefits we see for our customers grounded in the strength of Schönox’s subfloor solutions, technical support, and innovation.” 

The two companies kicked off their partnership in early 2020 with distribution in the New England area only. The expanded partnership encompasses Michael Halebian & Co.’s full geographic service area.

Its three distribution centers, two showrooms, and trucking and logistics operation, support Michael Halebian & Co.’s sales, architectural specification, and technical teams across its broad geographic and market presence. 

“Michael Halebian & Co. brings unparalleled expertise, business relationships measured in decades if not generations, and an entrepreneurial spirit, always looking for what’s next,” commented Mike Penney, senior vice president of sales, Schönox HPS North America, Inc. “The culture of Schönox and our zeal to innovate has found a kinship with Michael Halebian & Co. We are excited to move into 2021 together, working side by side on projects, support, and customer development.”

As 2021 draws close, Michael Halebian & Co. and Schönox are researching the most promising markets and opportunities. Commercial sectors such as multifamily and healthcare are emerging as growth areas, but so are situational circumstances where flooring professionals need strong subfloor solutions. 

“Nine decades of service requires constant innovation,” remarked Choflet. “That fundamental underpinning of innovation and growth is guiding new pathways forward with important ventures such as our Schönox partnership.”

For more information about Schönox products, visit hpsubfloors.com