Dalton, Georgia-based Arropol Chemicals has launched the Helping Hand initiative in support of the floor covering industry. For every purchase of Arropol’s hand sanitizer brand, Arropure, by a World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) member, 10% of the price will be refunded to the Floor Covering Education Foundation (FCEF) to help recruit and train the next generation of installers. FCEF is a newly formed, nonprofit organization dedicated to the recruitment, scholarship and placement of professional floorcovering installers.

A timely cause, Helping Hands is keeping members of the flooring industry safe, while supporting a worthy cause. “In all the years I’ve been in the flooring industry, all I’ve heard is that we haven’t had enough qualified installers,” said Ralph Boe, president of Arropol. “We put this program together that keeps retailers and manufacturers safe, while at the same time providing funding that goes back to the foundation.”

Arropure is an alcohol-based formula made in the U.S. that meets all the requirements of the CDC and W.H.O. It is also registered with the FDA and will kill 99.99% of germs.

“We’re providing a resource you would need anyway,” commented Scott Humphrey, CEO of WFCA. “You utilize that resource and at the same time benefit the Floor Covering Education Foundation and together, we solve this problem.”

Boe added, “Our main message is that we have a program which allows the industry to help itself while buying material they will need for the health and safety of their constituents. That is why we call it Helping Hand.”

For more information, visit wfca.org/fcef.