Luxury vinyl tile and planks continue to grow in popularity due to the increasing range of sizes, variety and creativity of the designs, improved technology related to the performance of the wear layer, and the evolution of the installation systems.

LVT aesthetics have improved with advancements in production technologies that allow for better emulation of wood and natural products. The introduction of digital printing provides manufacturers the ability to develop more realistic wood patterns and create endless custom options that coordinate with the customer’s vision of design or that provide unique, one-of-a-kind flooring designs.

There have been continued improvements in the development of better performing wear layers, many of which demonstrate best-in-class resistance to scratching and scuffing, enhance the overall appearance and performance of the LVT, provide maintenance advantages that can extend the life of the floor and provide a better return on the customer’s investment.

Advancements also continue in the development of new locking systems that allow for easier and more efficient installations, making LVT the go-to flooring material for many installers. Developments in adhesives technologies provide the installer with easy roller application, fast drying, no traffic restrictions and same day furniture placement.

LVT has come a long way since being introduced and continues to evolve to meet the customer’s design and performance expectations, while providing the flooring contractor installation advantages that make it a profitable flooring solution to install.

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