Sika Corporation announced its new business relationship with the Marjam Supply Company. In May 2021, Marjam will begin distributing the Sika Interior Finishing line throughout the NY/NJ market. This product range includes Sika's moisture mitigation system and sub-floor preparation/self-leveling products.

"Marjam is proud to add Sika's high-quality surface preparation products to its offering. A great deal of vetting is done when adding "partners." Before entering into a vendor alliance, both the company and the products are critically reviewed and evaluated. Our customers in all 48 cities we service rely upon us to always provide them with the highest quality products and service. We cannot let them down! Clearly, after a lengthy period of talks, we have accomplished just that with Sika. Thanks to Mike Croes and his team for being patient and informative during the process. Years of success are ahead of us!" Jim Metcalf, Marjam product manager

Founded in 1979, Marjam Supply started with the purchase of a warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and a few thousand dollars in assets. The mission from the start was to provide a highly specialized and customer service driven distribution chain of lumber, plywood and other building materials to the trade. Since the beginning, Marjam has experienced strong continuous year over year growth. Marjam now operates 39 “super centers” in 12 states that serve the entire East Coast states of the U.S. and North America and is one of the most respected businesses in the competitive construction supply industry in the United States.

“Sika is excited to begin working with the Marjam team and is looking forward to building a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership in the NY/NJ Metro area and beyond,” said Mike Croes, vice president of Sika Interior Finishing.

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