In a perfect world, your flooring flows seamlessly from room to room. In the real world, however, you cannot help but transition from one flooring type to another because different spaces need different types of flooring.  

“There are still too many expansion joints, edge treatments, system profiles and ramp profiles where I shake my head and say, we should do this better,” said Thomas Trissl, president and CEO, TMT America.   

In response, German profile manufacturer Küberit has partnered with TMT America to introduce its comprehensive line of profiles, including edge trim, transition, expansion, ramping, stair-nosing and wall protection profiles to North America. 

“We at Küberit do things different,” said John Bonney, vice president of sales, Küberit. “We have many profiles that are unique to us and are patented. Our strength—our DNA— is in LVT and hard surface sheet vinyl and we have product offering in that category that is completely unbeatable.”  

For more than 150 years, Küberit has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative profile solutions across the globe, serving customers in over 67 countries. The company’s portfolio includes more than 400 different profiles and 16,000 SKUs for use with all flooring types. Over the years, the company used high-quality German engineering, along with the latest cutting-edge technology, to create more than 150 patents and specific designs for the professional installer and the architectural and design community. 

“We are educating designers and flooring contractors, saying the product you’ve been using was not really designed for what you’ve been using it for,” Bonney said. “We’ve got the product that is designed for that application.”  

Küberit  Profile Systems GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Ludenscheid, Germany, is a high-tech company, specialized in manufacturing edge trims, transitions, ramps, stair-nosings, expansion joint profiles, and clip-systems for ceramic tile, resilient and wood floors. Answering the needs of both residential and commercial applications, Trissle says Küberit  profiles are produced according to the highest standards and the processes are ISO 9001 certified.  

The company has a fully automated high-bay warehouse is a real giant. In addition to stadard profiles, Küberit offers a variety of individual profile solutions— manufactured in our own factory according to your specifications.  

“Many times the flooring installers have to build up the floor to fit profiles and ours just fit naturally,” said John Solberg, business development associate, Küberit. “We have a lot of designs that appeal to customers and that just sets us apart.”