Spring is a season that represents rebirth, newness and growth. For those of us who live in states that see snow during winter months, the transition from winter to spring is often indicated by greener grass, the changing color of leaves, warmer air, rain showers and the more frequent sounds of children playing outside. 

Though I enjoy something about all four seasons that we are fortunate to experience here in Utah, there’s something special about spring. The air is different, moods are lighter and even the birds seem more chipper. 

This spring, I challenge you to find ways to promote newness and growth within yourself. From a few of my favorite reads, to industry-related associations and events that I find beneficial, we’ve talked about a several ways to do that both professionally and personally, but those lists can always be expanded. 

On the professional side, maybe that means listening to a podcast, like the Floor Masters Podcast, hosted by this month’s spotlighted contractor, Anthony Moses. Or maybe it’s finally taking the time to reorganize your toolbox and truck, getting rid of clutter and products you no longer use. Spring cleaning, if you will. 

And on the personal side, newness and rebirth might look like more time with family, reading (or listening to) a book that will inspire you, like one of my favorites by Andy Hickman, Stuff That Really Matters

It doesn’t matter where you start, just do something, and whatever it is that you chose to do, I encourage you to do it in the spirit of growth and newness. You will be better for it both personally and professionally.