SubSeal is a versatile, elastomeric waterproofing membrane for interior and exterior applications of hard surface flooring. This one-part, ready-to-use membrane bonds to concrete and wood substrates, metal drains, PVC, ABS fixtures, stainless steel, concrete backer board and more, while featuring simple application, fast drying and same day tile installation. 

SubSeal cures to form a thin, flexible layer that becomes an impervious barrier to water intrusion. The membrane bonds to the substrate while creating a new surface capable of accommodating A118.4 or better latex mortars, organic adhesives and solvent-free epoxy setting materials.

When the forces of Strataflex and SubSeal are combined, the result is our Extreme Deck Waterproofing System, a double layer of waterproof protection that is ideal for exterior decks over a living space. This system incorporates 6” Seam Tape, Pre-Formed Corners and urethane sealant to create a thin, robust solution that combats water penetration, structural and thermal movement and Moisture Vapor Transmission.

Strataflex and Subseal are certified Clean Air GOLD, confirming the low to no VOCs contained in theses membranes in accordance with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method v1.2 for Private Office, School Classroom and Single -Family Residence.

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