Ecore, a manufacturer of safe, ergonomic and acoustic performance surfaces for commercial and athletic markets, has expanded its accessories portfolio with new offerings, including: E-Grip 95, E-Grip 99, E-Grip Tape adhesives and Lobadur 2K InvisibleProtect floor finish. All four of these new products were added to Ecore’s accessory line to meet distinct performance needs and environmental demands.

  • E-Grip 95 is a moisture-cured, one-part urethane adhesive that is formulated specifically for Ecore’s Vulcanized Composition Rubber (VCR) surfaces. This adhesive is ideal for applications where there is a high amount of moisture in the substrate with up to 95% relative humidity (RH).
  • E-Grip 99 is a one-part modified urethane adhesive. This product is designed for extremely high moisture applications in a substrate with up to 99% RH. E-Grip 99 can be used with all VCR products and vinyl/LVT over concrete.
  • E-Grip Tape is designed for ease of installation and immediate use with any Ecore VCR product 8.5mm or less in thickness. The major benefit of this adhesive is that the floor can be used immediately after installation and can withstand rolling loads as well as heavy foot traffic. E-Grip Tape is ideal for healthcare environments, where facilities need use of a space as soon as flooring installation is complete.
  • Lobadur 2K InvisibleProtect is a two-part, water-based urethane that is designed to protect VCR floors from dirt, soiling and scuff marks. This clear floor finish makes VCR surface layers easier to clean and maintain. (This product is not designed for use in areas where weights are dropped.)

Ecore accessories are designed for use with Ecore surfacing products and are recommended to help ensure a smooth installation and years of optimal floor performance. For more information about all of these new products from Ecore, visit the accessories pages of the Ecore Athletic and Ecore Commercial websites.