Well, folks, we are now halfway through 2021. Though things aren’t back to the normal we’re used to, if you’re anything like me, you’ve gotten more comfortable operating in this new normal we are in. Grabbing a mask as I head out the door each day has become second nature. I’m never far from hand sanitizer, and I’m now able to automatically gauge the appropriate distance I should be away from the customer in line in front of me at the grocery store. These days, all of these things are considered normal.

Another thing that’s given me a sense of normalcy is the return of in-person industry events, like The International Surface Event [TISE], which many of us will be attending this month. Though we aren’t used to attending TISE during the summer months, look at it this way: at least we can catch some rays and unwind poolside after the show floor closes. I’ll see you there. 

In all seriousness, although I can hardly wait to attend TISE in person, my attendance is contingent on the precautions show organizers have put in place to keep us safe as we reconnect in this space. The Informa Markets team, organizers of TISE, have reported that they have a medically-vetted and industry-wide set of health and safety measures known as the AllSecure Guidelines to guide them in ensuring health and safety are properly executed at their events, TISE included.  

That, paired with Nevada’s new directive that requires trade show venues to certify through the state’s Department of Business and Industry that they will follow their health and safety requirements and protocols, and adhere to the prevention principles that have remained consistent (like maintaining safe physical distancing, wearing face coverings and practicing good hygiene), have made me more than confident that TISE will not only be informative, but safe as well. 

TISE is just one show that’s putting a lot of time and effort in to make its return to in-person healthy and safe. In this month’s Director’s Perspective, I share a few more events you might consider adding to your calendar. I look forward to seeing you on a show floor soon, to say hello, catch up and share a friendly and safe elbow bump.