Top 5 things installers should know when installing broadloom and carpet tiles

  • Know the importance of floor prep requirements
  • Use the recommended adhesive trowels and adhesive from the manufacturer
  • Understand proper cutting techniques
  • Know how to stretch, move and match patterns
  • Understand pattern elongation
  • The importance of substrate testing, pH, RH, MVER

Common challenges installers face when working with commercial carpet

  • Improper seam preparation
  • Bow and skew corrections
  • Improper seam sealer application for broadloom

How do installers fix these common problems?

  • Better education and training
  • Knowledge of how to correct a pattern

Best tools on the market for carpet installations

  • Crab stretchers and trimmers

Which industry associations can installers connect with for education sessions and training for this category?

  • International Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI) is the main installer certification training organization that installers can research and participate in learning/training opportunities.