Eight years ago, we started the FCI Installation Awards. What started as just that—a simple way to showcase the range of talent across categories in the floor covering installation industry—has since grown to become so much more, a platform that not only amplifies the talent within our industry, but attracts and inspires those outside of it.

Each year we are blown away by the creativity, skill and know-how of flooring installers. You are continuously perfecting your craft to produce end results that are not only eye-catching and award-winning, but built on solid, proper foundations. These projects aren’t just wowing our editors and your peers, they are also inspiring those looking at our industry from the outside, and this is important because as we progress as an industry, we can’t ignore the need to attract and foster the next generation of installers that we will entrust to continue pushing us forward with their talent, skill and ambition.

The outstanding projects showcased in our Installation Awards serve as prime examples of just a few of the many benefits of working in our industry; the ability to be creative, to challenge yourself to think outside of the box, to leave a lasting impression, to be supported and celebrated and to potentially enjoy longevity in a growing and rewarding field.

There is still time to enter for your chance to win a 2021 FCI Installation Award. And sure, winning comes with a plaque and bragging rights for a year, but it also comes with the chance to influence and inspire those coming in behind you.

Click here to enter by 4 p.m. EST on Friday, July 30.

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Please be sure to provide two to four high-res, 300 dpi photos of the installation project in .jpg or.gif format (including at least one shot of the finished installation), as well as the name of the installer(s) and a list of the manufacturers/suppliers of flooring and installation materials used. Most importantly, describe any challenges met during the project, any outstanding or unique features of the installation, and why you think the project deserves to be honored. Entrants can submit multiple projects, but need to choose which categories they want to compete in. Do not submit one project in multiple categories, and do not post the same project more than once.