The industry is coming back together! Flooring industry events that were once postponed or even cancelled have moved forward, meeting in-person again this summer and fall, giving attendees and manufacturers the opportunity to safely come together again in a shared space.

TISE, NWFA Expo, Coverings and Journal of Light Construction (JLC) LIVE are the most recent shows I’ve been able to attend, and at each of them, exhibitors and attendees all shared the same sentiments: they were glad to be in attendance and are already looking forward to next year’s event.

Now, you might ask why I attended—and presented at—a construction show (JLC LIVE). It’s simple: there are a lot of remodelers that are small companies that get involved with the installation of flooring, whether they install or not. The majority of them have tools that are used in hard surface installations such as hardwood, laminate and LVP, and many install hard surface products as well. Some even install tile. Those remodelers that don’t install flooring at least have the opportunity to understand what’s required for the flooring and tile installers as far as a suitable substrate to install over.

Be open to exploring all avenues when it comes to gaining more knowledge and expanding your network!

Proper substrate preparation was a topic that was heavily emphasized during the live demos over the two days of JLC LIVE. From feather patches, self-leveling, to products that can be ramped up to two inches without slumping, attendees were able to see hands-on installation of floor preparation products as well as seeing the installation of all types of hard surface flooring and vertical tile installations.

JLC LIVE was a fun show for me, not only because I got the opportunity to speak, but I was also able to build the demo stage. It’s work, but it’s something I enjoy doing. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of my wife, Suzy, who jumped right in to help build the stage, along with Rhode Island-based carpenter Addison Oliveira. He’s one of those that is talented and not afraid to work. I see a very bright future for this young man, who has a passion for the construction trades. It’s great to see younger folks that enjoy what they do. Speaking of young talent, I’d like to also extend a ‘thank you’ to installer Ken Ballin of Skyro Floors, who assisted on the demo stage and at the Bostik booth.

And finally, thank you to Bostik, Stabila and Maze Nails, who sponsored the showcase.

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In addition to flooring industry events and expos, there are several related events that can be of benefit to you, your craft and your business. Maybe it’s JLC LIVE or the National Hardware Show or maybe even the CEDIA Expo (the platform where residential technology integrators, designers and construction professionals connect). Be open to exploring all avenues when it comes to gaining more knowledge and expanding your network!