Välinge Innovation announced that its long-term licensing partner Mannington is launching a collection of real wood flooring branded TimberPlus with Woodura surface technology and 5G Dry in North America.

Mannington, partner and licensee for Välinge’s click flooring technologies since 2010, is launching a collection of hardened wood flooring based on the Woodura and 5G Dry technologies, invented and patented by Välinge. Mannington is branding this line TimberPlus with a tagline telling the performance story: Real. Durable. Waterproof.

“Mannington’s new TimberPlus hardwood with Woodura and 5G Dry is truly a great addition to our award winning hardwood line," said John Hammel, senior director hardwood and laminate, Mannington. "We’re excited to have a real hardwood floor that stands up to the high performance standards from the American flooring customer, with durability, water resistance, and in colors and formats consumers are looking for."

The Woodura surface technology is based on fusing a thin sheet of wood with a high-density core through a powder mix layer, creating a significantly stronger surface and enabling 10 times more flooring to be produced from the same amount of lumber. Consumers can now choose a real wood floor with up to three times the impact protection of a traditional hardwood floor, while being much more sustainable. TimberPlus also features 5G Dry, Välinge’s premium, water-resistant fold-down locking technology as well as 5G Climb, allowing the floor to be installed on walls by simply adding a small plastic clip. 

“Our water-resistant 5G Dry fold-down locking system also brings with it an incredibly easy, worry-free installation experience and the ability to disassemble the floor easily if needs be. It’s a really good time to be in the market for a real wood floor — hardened wood floors is a truly next-generation product. We are thrilled that a reputable company such as Mannington is launching products with those technologies and we see the collaboration as a real proof that our latest innovations are right on trends to bring value for the consumers," said Region Manager Lennart Thålin.

“Those technologies have proven to suit our partners portfolios perfectly,” said Zach Adams, General Manager, Välinge North America Inc. “Wider and larger hardwood flooring, combined with a waterproof topical surface and easy installation is exactly what can be achieved by incorporating those latest innovations, thus creating beautiful real wood floors designed for a worry-free life.”