Benchwick, the interior surface innovator in 3D printing technology, has introduced the next step in bevel flexibility and realism with its new, patent-pending TruBevel Pro.

“There are no limits with TruBevel Pro,” says Lin Li, owner of Benchwick and parent company Northann. “Now virtually any bevel depth or shape is possible for rigid core or any interior surface. And grout designs have never been more realistic with true, grout line appearance that can easily be customized by color and shape.”

TruBevel Pro joins a range of 3D printing technology advancements for Benchwick, such as DSE (Digital Synchronized Effect), Infinite Glass, Armor Dual, Super Oak, and others.

“The goal of our flooring technologists is to make the most beautifully realistic and durable product experience possible. TruBevel Pro is the next step in that evolution.”

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