A new year, a new sponsor for “What Would Namba Do?” I want to give a big shout out to

ISE Logik for supporting Floor Covering Installer’s vlog. If you are not familiar with who or what this company is about, I want to take a moment to fill you in.

ISE (Interiors, Surfaces and Environment) Logik is dedicated to Lean Construction practices and the freedom from the costly dependence of concrete moisture testing as a standard building protocol since the company’s beginning. Founders David Seland and Dean Craft bring a combined 50 years of experience in the construction products and application industries. They and the entire ISE Logik team provide an unsurpassed base of knowledge and experience for overcoming the challenges of concrete moisture in flooring and roofing systems.

Moisture is one of the biggest ongoing issues that faces our industry. Each year, claims are in the millions of dollars, and we need to be proactive versus reactive. So, to have companies helping to mitigate moisture is essential to our bottom line.

How many failures occur due to a lack of testing for moisture in concrete slabs, and even on wood subfloors? Every manufacturer of hardwood, resilient flooring and glue direct carpet require quantitative testing of either a calcium chloride or In-situ relative humidity test prior to installation of products, yet, how many are being conducted? 

Several of the larger national commercial general contractors are now requiring moisture testing due to the high cost of failures they have had to deal with. If your company is one that is installing “by the seat of your pants” and not conducting proper moisture testing, it will not be a matter of if, but when you’ll have a moisture issue with an installation. Even with adhesives that are touted to be “all in one” moisture control, one must remember that it is the installer who controls the application of adhesive, and if the proper notched trowel and techniques are not used, what good did it do to use that type of adhesive, which also comes with a higher cost?

Keep in mind that ISE Logik is not looking for me to dedicate my vlogs to their company, and neither are any of the sponsors for the Floor Covering Installer vlogs. The support from all of the manufacturers that participate is intended to further the education of installers and encourage the industry to be professional. So, on that note, thank you to all of our sponsors for wanting to improve our industry.