HMTX Industries has donated flooring to The Good Shepherd Mission in Patterson, New Jersey. A Christian faith-based shelter and rehabilitation center founded circa 1930, the Mission provides meals, shelter, and clothing to homeless men of northern New Jersey. For those in greater need, it also hosts a seven- to nine- month program that helps men conquer their addictions to substances. It is supported entirely by personal, church, and corporate donations and does not seek government financial support.  

Mission Vice Chairman Keith Parry realized they would soon need new flooring in some areas of the facility. He had been present at the first major HMAC (now HMTX Cares) fundraiser in Norwalk where he learned about the volunteer group’s mission to support rehabilitation centers for those suffering from the consequences of addiction. When Parry recently approached HMTX about donating flooring for the facility, the company immediately responded by providing 1,700 square feet of Metroflor LVT dryback flooring along with Prevail adhesive and covered the shipping cost.

"This donation of flooring from HMTX was so important to us since our budget is often strained, especially for large capital expenditures,” Parry said. "The Metroflor people who coordinated the donation were very gracious, even eager to help, and arranged everything seamlessly. We now have beautiful new floors in our chapel and two offices. Thank you, Metroflor and HMTX!"

“If our donation to The Good Shepherd Mission can make a positive difference in the lives of the people they serve, or we can inspire others to get involved and make a difference in their communities, then it is mission accomplished,” said Rick Taylor, director of training and volunteer coordinator for HMTX. “Positively impacting the lives of others, HMTX CARES!”