Balance Pro is a new all-in-one raised flooring suport system from Impertek's Pedestal line. With the new TopKey tool, raised flooring installations can be adjusted from above, even after the tiles have been laid. Designed for tile floor and decking installations, Balance Pro offers 14 options. 

  • Covers heights ranging from 25 to 1025 mm.
  • The head can be used to automatically adjust the slope up to 5% or to be tightly locked for all the situations which require greater stability, as for the perimetral laying of small-format tiles. By inserting a little ring nut close the head, tilting movement at the base of the slope self-adjustment system can be firmly blocked.
  • The head with Easy Click fixing is also available for the new Balance Pro too, for a quick coupling with the aluminium joists of the Rail System.

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