Küberit USA, designer and manufacturer of innovative floor and wall profiles, has extended its focus on an efficient product specification pathway via its partnership with Swatchbox, the premium sample fulfillment platform for building products.  

“Küberit designed our product specification and selecton process, understanding the many decisions architects, designers, and project owners face when planning,” said Karen Bellinger, executive director, Küberit USA. “Swatchbox will play an integral part in that process, getting the right Küberit samples into the hands of these busy design and construction professionals in minimal time.”

The partnership places Küberit’s leading profile solutions on Swatchbox Pro, a free digital platform for professional designers and architects to discover and request samples from leading building product manufacturers around the world. Küberit samples requested through Swatchbox are expedited to arrive at any firm in the United States in 1 to 2 business days in order to accommodate tight deadlines for designers. The service is entirely free for all verified building professionals.

For more information, visit swatchbox.com/kuberit.