Favorite Tool: Metabo HPT G12VE 4-1/2 Inch 12 Amp AC Brushless AC/DC Angle Grinder

How does an admitted tool nut choose their favorite tool? Not easily! While I have some obvious picks like my knife and square, I find myself doing more and more custom tile installs so I thought it would be fitting to highlight my most versatile and trusted tool today. I wouldn’t dream of going to any tile job without several tools. My Metabo HPT G12VE 4-1/2 Inch 12 Amp AC Brushless AC/DC Angle Grinder is on that short list. The grinder is such a versatile tool for the tile installer. With countless blades, bits and wheels, it might be the most important tool on any given day. From prep to finish, it often has a place. From scarifying subfloor or cutting floor recess brackets to easing the edges of tile and stone, the possibilities grow with every new attachment I acquire.

The grinder itself is as important as the bits we use. I have had several brands in the past, and after buying my first Metabo HPT G12VE, I promptly ordered another. I specifically like the slim handle of their brushless version as it is easier to hold onto and manipulate while performing intricate work. I consider it lightweight at a little over four pounds and find that it balances well in my hand. The comfort of this tool allows me to work longer without fatigue. The variable speed settings give me the control to choose a speed that works best for cutting, drilling, shaping and polishing whatever tile and stone I am working with. Because of its brushless motor, it starts and maintains power when supply is reduced due to other trades and the use of long extension cords. It also has a few neat safety features like its quick off switch, soft start and anti-kickback, which I have especially appreciated several times.

Metabo HPT G12VE Angle Grinder and attachments

I could go on about tools for much longer than anyone would care to listen, especially when talking grinder attachments, but that is probably a whole other article in and of itself! I’ll leave you with a few of my personal favorites:

  • Helix k-scribe Ultra-Thin Diamond Blade
  • Rubi Tools ECD 2IN1 diamond grinding blade
  • Russo Trading Co. Hat Trick Hybrid 3 Piece polishing pads
  • Montolit Diamond countersink bits

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