TesaTape, a world market leader for many splicing applications, recognized the need for a tailor-made splicing solution for melamine impregnation lines and designed Tesa 54951, a double-sided, segmented flying splice tape (die-cuts on a roll) for melamine impregnated papers. Current product offerings require you to use a different product for every substrate that you are splicing. 

This leads to:

  •   Complex inventory management
  •   Production inefficiencies
  •   Potential for splice breaks due to mixing multiple tape options on production floor

Tesa 54951 is particularly suitable for overlay paper, decorative paper and balance paper. This one-tape-fits-all adhesive solution for splicing melamine impregnated papers maximizes process efficiency for all paper types used in production. It eliminates the need for multiple tape products on your production floor while minimizing waste. It guarantees a stable production process with no interruptions to your operation.

Combined with fast and easy application, tesa 54951 ensures a quick and secure splice preparation. Reduce complexity, splice securely and optimize efficiencies using tesa 54951. It is available in two product designs. Tesa 54951 Premium for easy and fast application—applied in one straight line with integrated segmented design. Tesa 54951 Classic for manual tape application—applied in several individual strips of tape. 

For more information, visit tesatape.com.