Mapei's Ultracoat Base One emphasizes and protects the natural color and beauty of your hardwood floors.This is a one-component, toning, water-based sanding sealer designed for use with all types of wood flooring — even engineered wood and exotic species. Ultracoat Base One enhances the natural color of wood without causing it to darken or redden. 

Jeffrey Johnson, floor covering and installation systems business manager, Mapei, said, "Water-based polyurethane wood floor finishes, whether they are single- or two-component formulations, are excellent products for sealing and protecting your hardwood floor investment." 

This product seals freshly sanded wood flooring, creating a base layer that isolates the finish coat from penetrating into the open wood surface. No mixing is required; application is easy; and the sealer dries in one to two hours. 

Ultracoat Base One is great for preparing solid, pre-sanded wooden floors, interior residential and commercial applications (such as apartments, office buildings and cafeterias), and interior heavy commercial applications (including shopping malls and grocery stores). 

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