Tool: Primatech 250 ASR - 15-1/2 Gauge Pneumatic Stapler with Adjustable Base and PrimSurfer Roller 

The Primatech 250 is my go-to hardwood stapler! The PrimSurfer roller base increases my hardwood installation fastening with the soft impact and no recoil. I can get closer to the wall without risk of damage. It can be actuated from any angle, requires light mallet impact, has no recoil and the maintenance is simple.

Robert Wingo

Robert Wingo was discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1987 and started Eastern Shore Custom Floors in 1993. Photo: Robert Wingo.

Robert Wingo

Wingo is CFI Master Installer #1670 and NFIC certified #255. Photo: Robert Wingo.

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