S3 Surface Solutions has unveiled its latest creation, Barrier SL, an all-in-one self-leveling moisture barrier system that saves time, hassle and labor costs. Barrier SL cuts the traditional four-step process of self-leveling installation in half, streamlining contractors’ usual two- to three-day timeline down to one day— using only one product from a single vendor.

With superior chemical bonding performance to existing concrete and asphalt substrates, Barrier SL sets to walkable surfaces in two-three hours and enables finished floor installation within six hours. Once set, the self-leveling surface is smooth, dry, and dust-free. The dense matrix within Barrier SL prevents water absorption and provides protection against 100RH, 14pH, and 14 MVER conditions. Ultimate compression strengths exceed 7500 psi.

In addition to self-leveling applications, Barrier SL can be used for numerous other indoor and outdoor applications, maximizing versatility in a single product. Additional uses include: patching compound 1” to feather edge, mix with aggregates to repair deep holes and trenches, as a broadcast base for decorative flake or quartz, and as a primer-less decorative polished floor overlay system. Additionally, with a field-mixed additive, repairs can be made on vertical and overhead surfaces. The formula is safe and environmentally friendly, featuring high levels of recycled material content and emitting zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

With Barrier SL, S3 Surface Solutions is committed to providing a one-step, one-trip installation system that significantly reduces time, effort and cost for contractors. 

For more information, visit s3surfacesolutions.com.