This month we celebrate you—the flooring installer. FCI’s Installation Award winners were selected by you from among you in both the commercial and residential segments. The men and women who took home a category win represent some of the most highly skilled craftsmen in the industry. I hope you will join me in celebrating these sensational, challenging and tedious projects. Be sure to check out the videos with each winner as he or she talks through the project, the issues they faced and what aspect of the project was their favorite. 

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Taylor Adhesives for sponsoring the Awards. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Seth Gladden, director of marketing, Taylor, to promote their video series on how to take good jobsite photos. If you missed that, please check them out! 

I hope each of you will consider submitting a project to next year’s Awards. In several of my interviews with the winners, I asked what advice they would give to others considering submitting to the Awards. 

Erin Albrecht, owner, J&R Tile, in San Antonio, Texas, and winner of the Commercial Tile/Stone category, said, “If you’re a commercial company or commercial installer and you want to submit, I would really lean toward something that’s visually interesting and different that tells a story. It doesn’t matter how large it is. I think projects that tell a story probably give a little advantage to you. We’re really proud to be from Texas but San Antonio in particular. The big cities in Texas are all so very different. Culturally, who we are and how the city identifies itself is fun for us. I’d like to see that from other commercial installers that would submit in hopes to win next year.” 

Ken Ballin, owner, Skyro Floors, in West Creek, New Jersey and winner of the Residential Tile/Stone category, said, “I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to share your work. It doesn’t matter beginner to expert level. We’re all beginners. We’re all experts. We all learn at different rates, but the more we share our work, the more we put ourselves out there and the better we get. Don’t hesitate because you don’t think you’re not good enough because we all started somewhere. It’s important to show the next generation of installers what’s possible.” 

See you next year!