The Home Depot announced its 2022 Innovation Awards recipients. Among the standout professional products, the top honor in product innovation went to FastenMaster’s Cortex for Composite Decking – a proprietary drill bit that sets the screw to the perfect depth every time in composite, cap stock and PVC decking boards.

A number of professional products that make projects easier and more efficient also received honorable mentions:

Diablo Demo Demon Spade Bits save time and money by cutting down the number of tools needed to complete projects on nail-embedded wood. The Demo Demon Spade Bits give you the speed and flexibility of a standard wood spade bit with the durability and performance of an Auger bit. 

The M18 Milwaukee Modular Program delivers unmatched stapling performance in the most compact battery-powered solution leading to a faster, more efficient rough-in process. The compact, lightweight design provides users with access to tight stud bays and improved ergonomics when stapling overhead or during difficult-to-reach situations. 

The Werner Multi-Max Pro Ladder was designed to create a safer and more efficient jobsite. Adjusting to uneven work surfaces, the multi-position ladder has five different position settings, a safe leaning capability with a telescoping extension system, and a 375-pound duty rating.

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