I know. I know. Every year starts the same for each of us, right? This is the year I get that beach body! I’m gonna eat better. I’m going to finally finish that book series I started reading back in 1982. Whatever ridiculous thing we tell ourselves we are going to do, how many of us ever deliver on these resolutions? Perhaps we need to set goals that are attainable, but more than anything, we need to set aside the time to come up with those goals. Are you making the time to plan for 2023? Let’s start there. The December issue is devoted to a sort of “out with the old and in with the new” attitude. 

In this month’s Floor Academy Briefing, Kyle Hedin challenges each of you to do better with your business organization in preparation for tax time. That’s just around the corner! He gives solid advice on how to set aside time and the steps to take to boost your bottom line while alleviating some of the day-to-day stress and anxiety that comes with organizing your paperwork. 

Bona’s Dave Darche writes about two projects that had budgeted for total flooring replacement but chose to utilize resilient flooring renewal systems in lieu of costly and time-consuming flooring replacement. The end results are surprising. He provides a detailed breakdown of the benefits of flooring renewal, citing the cost savings as well as the health savings. Choosing to completely switch up their thinking on flooring allowed each project the financial flexibility to cover other needs in each facility. 

Let’s all decide to take a beat, enjoy some downtime with family, then, sit down and make a list of what we want to change for 2023—a realistic list and not one that includes sets and reps of stuff no one wants to do or foods no one has ever heard of. I challenge each of you to make one change for a better year. 

Perhaps it is time to revamp your work schedule to include more downtime to prevent burnout. Maybe you buy that new power stretcher you need to make your carpet install life easier. Or maybe you shift gears altogether when it comes to how you run your business. Either way...FCI has some exciting things coming in 2023, and I can’t wait for all of you to be a part of it. See you in the New Year!