Tool: Singer Model 35 Series 

I'm not sure if this tool has been in anyone's truck in probably 60 plus years. I would have to say of all my antique tools that the singer 35-class sewing machine is my prized possession. Installers used the Singer 35 class to sew carpets together.  

I think it's a placeholder in the flooring industry, from hand sewing to hand cranking a stitch, it shows how we were evolving even if hand sewing. The Singer 35-series was used for years until the invention of modern seam tape by Charles D. Burgess in Macon, Georgia around 1966. 

They are hard to find, and they don't make parts anymore, so to make a working model, you have to scavenge. The machine has a patent that dates back to 1877. Most patents I can find are from around 1885. The model I sent pictures of is not my oldest model but definitely my most photogenic. I have to give props to Daris Mulkin and David Hunt for information and hunting down parts.

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