Eduardo Felipe Martinez, owner, Martinez Commercial Flooring Service LLC 

Eleanor sitting on Dad’s flooring equipment
Eleanor sitting on Dad’s flooring equipment.
Photo: Eduardo Martinez.

My parents immigrated to California in the early 80s, but I was born in Florida. I'm the youngest of six. I've been installing for almost 16 years, which began with me working summers and weekends with my dad. My father was an installer but was never passionate about making it a career path. To him it was work, and he had a great work ethic. To me it's chess, and it's a lot of fun.

I've always been comfortable in commercial flooring—VCTs, carpet tiles, glue down carpet and LVT.

My daughter is named Eleanor Belle Martinez. She is 2 years old. She loves helping me with anything I’m doing especially fixing bicycles. I love teaching her to work with her hands.

Martinez family
Martinez family.
Photo: Eduardo Martinez.

How are you passing on your trade legacy?
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