What are you planning to change for 2023? I don’t mean adding kale to your diet or making use of that Thighmaster from 1985. Have you taken the time to evaluate what’s working and what’s not in your business and in your workflow? FCI magazine is making some changes. 

FCI TV is here! It’s a platform where flooring installers can share videos of their favorite tips and tricks on a variety of topics and help others up their install game. Each month we’ll highlight new tips and tricks across all of FCI’s channels. Let’s show off those skills folks!  

Back in October’s Editor’s Letter, I challenged all of you to send me your story. I want to know how you are passing on your trade legacy. So, for 2023, What’s in my Truck is changing to What’s My Legacy. For this month, Eduardo Felipe Martinez shares how he is exposing his 2-year-old daughter to flooring installation. Be sure to check that out!  

What would a new year kickoff be without new tools, technology and equipment? Just in time for Surfaces, some of the biggest names in tool and equipment innovation provide a sneak peek of what will be available this year. Many of you have expressed that you need help with your businesses and workflow processes. Be sure to spend some time reading over the technologies that are available to flooring installers to help you be more efficient and make more money. 

Everyone huddle up. Let’s agree that 2023 is going to be the year of change. There are so many resources available to each of you that there is no room for excuses. So, share. Share those tips. Share your stories. Seek out new ways to make your install life easier and better. Now, go!