The National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) launched a brand-new training module: Mortar Beds for Floors and Walls at the end of 2022. The program was well-received and will be returning in 2023 to NTCA's Regional Training program lineup.

According to the NTCA, the class is designed to demonstrate the flexibility of dry-pack mortar beds to resolve a wide range of installation challenges and to achieve tile industry standard substrate requirements. The focus is on thick-bed installations for walls, using different screed types along with scratch and brown and one-coat methods for wall installations.

  • The program is open to NTCA members and other professional tile contractors and installers.  
  • Classes are led by experienced NTCA trainers and supported by a team of tile industry experts and partners.
  • Instruction is given in both classroom and hands-on environments to address real-world tile system installation challenges.
  • Attendees learn how to use and apply ANSI A108 installation standards and TCNA Handbook methods.

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