The 1,600-square-foot M&M’S World store in Shanghai, China, spans two floors and offers the iconic chocolate candies, as well as branded merchandise from M&M’s parent company, Mars Retail Group. The store’s Great Wall of Chocolate – the world’s largest candy wall – as well as face-scanning technology that creates personalized avatars, garners large numbers of tourists daily.

M&M’s World Shanghai is the fifth M&M’s World flagship store, and Mars Retail Group chose this particular location in Shanghai because, “it is one of the busiest pedestrian streets in China and a highly visited tourist destination in Shanghai.”

resilient flooring before renewal
The store opened in 2018 and after two years of heavy foot traffic, the M&M’S World Shanghai LVT flooring began to lose its resiliency. Photo: Bona.

The store opened in 2018 and after two years of heavy foot traffic, the M&M’S World Shanghai LVT flooring began to lose its resiliency. The floor looked worn, dull and dirty even after a thorough cleaning. After a review of options, the customer chose flooring renewal with the Bona Resilient Flooring Renewal System.


M&M’s World Shanghai needed a flooring refresh and needed to work around a number of considerations. They needed to minimize downtime to avoid lost sales from closing the bustling location. They sought new flooring with an on-trend and welcoming atmosphere, and the surface also had to be durable mitigate the bacteria. The company owners also sought as solution that would keep old flooring out of landfills and require fewer chemicals for installation. 

The Process

abrasion and deep cleaning with the Bona Power Scrubber
Local Bona distributor Juxin utilized the Bona Power Scrubber to abrade and deep clean the existing surface in preparation for the renewal system. Photo: Bona.

 The process, completed by local Bona distributor Juxin, included: abrading and deep cleaning of the existing surface with the Bona Power Scrubber; applying a base color to the existing floor; adding a modern design with color chips; and applying a finish coat of Bona Pure.

The Results

The finished LVT project was a success, the company said. Juxin completed the M&M’S Shanghai store flooring renewal in only six hours. The team began the process one evening after the retail store closed and completed the floor renew prior to the store’s opening the following day, preventing any lost sales due to downtime. The new floor design rejuvenated the look of the store by utilizing a fast-acting combination of Bona Pure and the Bona Power Scrubber. Bona Pure adds extra durability to the surface and protects the new flooring solution from being damaged by contaminants and heavy foot traffic.