Prior to synthetic carpets entering the market, there was only woven and tufted wool carpet. At that time there was no seaming iron to make seams with. The only way to make a seam was hand sewing or using latex and pin tape. The seaming iron was introduced in 1964 along with synthetic carpet. 

NFIC 2.jpgThe class practices their hand sewing skills. Photo: FCI. 

Synthetic carpet, within a few short years, dominated the industry, so the iron followed suit. The need for the iron became more and more apparent. As time went by, the need for wovens became more of a need to the hospitality market.   

Traditionally, Wilton carpet requires its seams to be hand sewn. More and more architects and designers specified Wiltons to be hand sewn. As a need for wovens became more desired, the need for qualified installers that knew how to hand sew increased.  

NFIC 3.jpgJohn Steier, owner, Steier Flooring, and Marquis Wright, owner, Mr. Wright Flooring, work through the hand sewing steps. Photo: FCI.  


New installers entering our industry did not understand and were not taught how or the importance of hand sewing. Most installers would row cut a seam, seal it, and seam it, and unfortunately, it would not stand up. The importance of understanding this skill is not only to cut, seal and seam but to also prepare the edge to be seamed. The most import part of a Wilton seam is understanding how it is constructed.  

That is one of many things that the Natural Fiber Installer Certification (NFIC) school trains on. Constructing a seam in wovens is no different today, providing that it is done correctly. 

NFIC 4.jpgChris Cannell, owner, Precise Flooring Solutions, and Alania Lagatore, owner, All Over Flooring, talk through sewing techniques. Photo: FCI.


The integrity that goes into manufacturing these products are next to none, and NFIC trains the installer to understand this and teaches them to have the same integrity through their hand skills. 

Installers should try to attend a seminar whenever possible to hone their skills as well as practicing every chance they get prior to installing these products. 

Interested in training on hand sewing? On Feb 15-17, NFIC is hosting a grand opening/installation training at its new facility in Jasper, Georgia. 

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