The Taylor Adhesives Mobile App 2.0 is new for 2023 and available now for download from Google Play or the App Store.

“The original Taylor App was introduced in 2020 and has now been fully redesigned,” according to Seth Gladden, director of marketing for the Industrial Flooring Division of Meridian Adhesives Group, which includes Taylor. “We’ve made it even more user-friendly and comprehensive. We believe our 2.0 is a category leader by any measure.”

Top Taylor 2.0 Mobile App features include:

  • Offline access to documents
  • One-touch contact (call/email)
  • Automatic updates
  • Fast product access
  • Easy-to-navigate

“The Taylor App has been rebuilt, with many user-interface and functionality improvements. It’s all about giving our customers the tools they need.” said Gladden.

For more information, visit or scan the QR code below to download. 

Taylor Adhesives App 2.0 QR Code.jpg