Tools4Flooring will highlight a myriad of new offerings at The International Surface Event (TISE), running January 31st through February 2nd in booth 4480. Discounts on various tools and equipment will be available, and the company will be doing giveaways for attendees. Additionally, Ken Ballin, owner, Skyro Floors, and brand ambassador, will be in the Tools4Flooring booth to cover the new products, attendees and events via social media.

Here is a glimpse at some of the new tools, equipment and flooring solutions that Tools4Flooring will bring to market at TISE. 

National Flooring Equipment:

Booth # 4475

The newest walk-behind scraper from National Flooring Equipment is a game-changer. The Rogue is an all-electric scraper with precision steering, speeds up to 150 ft/min, and fully adjustable blade angle at the touch of a button. Designed for hard and soft goods removal, this powerful scraper tops out at 465 lbs. with enough removable weight for easy transport up and down stairs.

National Flooring Equipment_Rogue.jpgNational Flooring Equipment Rogue Scraper. Photo: Tools4Flooring. 


Rubi Tools:

Booth # 5635


The new Rubi Tools Slab Cutter G3 is a premium manual cutting system for hand cutting large format porcelain tiles with thicknesses between 1/8" and 3/8" and up to 10 feet long. It includes scoring wheel carriage, adjustable pliers, three aluminum guides with two non-marking suction cups per guide and carrying case.

RUBI Slab Cutter G3.jpgRubi Tools Slab Cutter G3. Photo: Tools4Flooring.




This track tool with height adjustable blades allows one pass cutting on thicker vinyl and rubber flooring. Being on a track, the use of a straight edge and knife are no longer needed. By pushing the tool on the rail to cut, the strain on the wrist and forearm by pulling the blade through materials, sometimes with several cuts, is eliminated. Also with the blades being height adjustable, the life of your blades' cutting tips are extended. This tool saves time and increases productivity and safety.

Wolff Tools Railcut.jpgWolff Tools Railcut. Photo: Tools4Flooring.




The QEP Xtreme battery powered Electric Suction Cup will retain its suction for up to 48 hours when its battery is fully charged. With holding strength of up to 220 pounds, a built-in sensor will automatically detect the air level in the vacuum and automatically operate to maintain its absorption power. The QEP Xtreme Electric Suction Cup can be used in handling all non-porous materials including glass, granite and marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles, sheet metal, dry wall, hard surfaces, and even household items. Store with protector cover (included) in durable carrying case. It includes a 3.7VDC 5000mAh Li-ion rechargeable lithium battery and USB-C charging cable.

QEP Electric Suction Cup.jpgQEP Electric Suction Cup. Photo: Tools4Flooring.



The Roberts 24" Steel Tool Box is built to last with heavy-duty steel construction and a premium finish. Featuring an innovative storage tray that doubles as a seaming weight, inset side handles for carrying, and plenty of room to store all your flooring tools, the Roberts tool box is a must-have for every pro installer.

Roberts Steel Tool Box.jpgRoberts Steel Tool Box. Photo: Tools4Flooring. 


Better Tools:

Booth #: 4485


BIHUI USA by Better Tools presents the PTSJK15, 15-piece trowel kit with carrying case. This professional installer trowel kit offers 12 different options of trowel blades for a variety of tile setting jobs. The switchable handle allows the installer to switch between right and left-handed. 

This kit includes two switchable soft grip handles and six 19” stainless steel blades for large panel installation. Also included in the case are six 11” stainless steel blades which come in a separate storage and drain box.

BIHUI USA_Better Tools Trowel Kit.jpgBetter Tools 15-Piece Trowel Kit. Photo: Tools4Flooring.



Booth #: 4563


TRAXX’s industry classic fixed blade carpet and utility knives have combined a non-slip colored safety coating with bright new colors for easy identification on the jobsite and in the tool box. The knives have an angled design for precise control when making cuts. 

Traxx Carpet Utility Knives.jpgTraxx Carpet & Utility Knives. Photo: Tools4Flooring.



Booth #: 4283


OTTOVAC is a battery powered suction cup designed to lift and move tile, glass and any other material that has a smooth, flat and non-porous surface and slightly textured surfaces. The 8" suction cup works on four AA batteries with no manual pumping required. OTTOVAC has a built-in pressure sensor with an internal smart automatic start/stop function. When the vacuum in the base of the suction cup reaches -55kPa, the pump will automatically stop after a 3-second delay and when the vacuum level drops below -55kPa, the pump will automatically restart until reaching the required pressure during operation. OTTOVAC has a pressure gauge to monitor suction and a maximum lifting capacity of 220 lbs. OTTOVAC weighs 2.7 lbs. and comes with a plastic carrying case. Batteries not included.

Gundlach Ottovac.jpgGundlach OTTOVAC. Photo: Tools4Flooring.


iQ Power Tools:

Booth #: 5355

iQ Power Tools presents the new iQ252. This 10” dry cut bridge saw is specifically designed for progressive tile setters and contractors. Equipped with the world’s first fully integrated dust control technology, it allows for tiles to be cut indoors or outdoors with no water. This product features a 10-inch blade and has the ability to produce a depth cut up to one inch and can handle 60” rip. Distinctly designed to cut fast and clean with up to 0° to 45° angles in one pass.

iQ Power Tools iQ252 saw.jpgiQ Power Tools iQ252 dry cut bridge saw. Photo: Tools4Flooring.



Booth #: 4381


The Mini Stretcher is great for pattern matching, fast restretching without tubes, and seam repair. Features include stretch-lock button, two fully pivotable gripper heads, open top wall blade for fast tucking, and carrying case. Gripper heads and wall blade are quickly connected onto either end using the push-button lock pins. Tall seam repair legs that create a work area to run an iron beneath are sold separately (No. 519).

Crain Mini Stretcher.jpgCrain Mini Stretcher. Photo: Tools4Flooring.


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