Küberit USA will debut its new integrated process for profile selection, sample acquisition, and resources for specification support at this week’s TISE Surfaces (booth 4215) and NAHB Builders (booth C8941) trade shows in Las Vegas.  

“We’ve invested heavily in the Küberit customer experience, equipping project owners and flooring professionals with the tools needed to efficiently make profile decisions and continue their project planning with every needed resource,” explained Karen Bellinger, executive director, Küberit USA. “The Küberit team is eager to show guests at the booths how they can accelerate their planning and enhance every project.”

The process for searching, selecting, and specifying Küberit profiles has been condensed into a simple, five-decision matrix, allowing customers to quickly consider their project needs and profile options.

“Busy project planners and flooring professionals save time, consider the full range of available profiles, and make decisions, using the Küberit selection process,” commented John Solberg, sales & business development manager, Küberit USA.

Küberit has partnered with MaterialBank and Swatchbox, making Küberit product samples and supporting information available to customers and specifiers. In additon, Küberit has built a sample fulfilment platform on its website. All three platforms provide samples at no cost.

“There’s no substitue for reviewing product sample in hand, allowing customers to directly see profile construction, fit, and finish; our platform supports these steps,“ remarked Rhyal Knight, sales & business development manager, Küberit USA.

Additional Küberit support services have been put in place to round out the customer experience, including online Revit and AutoCAD files available at BIMsmith.com, online and in-person design and technical support, continuing education courses, and a video library. “The innovation and design excellence of our Küberit profile line are now matched by a carefully curated and designed support process and resource platform,” commented Bellinger.

For more information, visit kuberitusa.com.