The Landmark Porcelain Master Contest registration is now open. The contest is specifically designed for contractors who use Landmark’s versatile range of products and services in their projects. 

Every project is a step forward toward the finishing line. Gather all the information and register all your projects on the Porcelain Master contest site, signing in, filling out the Project Enrollment Form and attaching at least five high resolution pictures of your project.

For each project that you successfully register on the website, upon Landmark approval, you will receive a “Porcelain Master Milestone”, officially recognizing your work and granting you a free gadget of your choice sent directly to your address.

The more Milestones you collect, the more prizes you will immediately redeem and the more possibilities you have to become Porcelain Master.

At the end of the year, only the best projects will be shortlisted and the winner will receive the prestigious title of Porcelain Master, with rich prizes given to the first, second and third places.

Contest is open to all successfully enrolled Contractors. Projects should be submitted and accepted by Landmark by 08/31/2023.

Winners will be announced by 09/30/2023.

For more information, visit